Cranberry Design Studio has been formed out of a love for Creativity and Design. We aim to translate our innovative ideas, thoughts and design sensibilities into artwork that is inspiring and seemingly simple!

Cranberry Design Studio provides customized solutions in Graphic Design. We specialize in Corporate Branding, Corporate Communication, Marketing Communication, Web Designs, Personalization and more.

“It is not only about ideas; it is about making ideas happen.”  We believe in our own method to the madness which starts out by understanding the client as best as possible. Then our minds are unleashed in order to connect the client vision with purpose and transform into Design. Ideating, Doodling, Research, Exploring, Experimenting… We go through all the processes to come up with artwork that is unique to each client and conveys the story very simply as well as being eye catching.

We have a passion for designing and every design is meticulously planned and created from the heart. We enjoy our work and it challenges us to be set apart!




“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

Our logo design is derived from an intense thought process for being unique & effective and most importantly reflective of the company.



“Make it Simple but Significant”

Design is the art of visual communication. We specialize in Marketing Communication (Infographics, Posters, Brochures, Flyers, etc.), Corporate Communication, Website Designing, Mobile App Designing, Advertising, Packaging Designs & more.



“Good design is as little design as possible”

Corporate Identity is built to reflect the values of a business. We aim to create designs that are simple & memorable to be easily noticed and widely remembered.



“Why fit in, when you can stand out?”

Customization gives meaning to your communication. We create stationery such as Notebooks, Gift Tags, Party Invitations, Gifts & more that are personalized the way you like it!



We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team... We love our work and our coffee!

An introduction to us

Amisha Sheth

I am a Marketing specialist. I have studied MBA from NMIMS in Mumbai, India. Thereafter worked in retail marketing at Target & Best Buy in Minneapolis, USA. Being in the advertising field, I developed an interest to learn graphic design and subsequently launch my own design firm!

I am completely motivated by good design and have a quest to be known as a creative and reliable design firm.

I am an inquirer and very enthusiastic about the work I undertake. I love challenging myself, learning new ideas and techniques and delivering the best that I can.

Away from work, I enjoy reading, music & being with my two children who inspire and encourage me!

Anuradha Anand

Design is intriguing, exciting, and very alluring. It keeps me innovative and active everyday! I am very diligent in my work and like to keep designs clean while being creative. I like to learn and update my knowledge and skills in design by research and reading.

I have great team at CDS and we enjoy working together. Our design aesthetics have created synergies in our work and I look forward to the growth of CDS and me, as a designer.

Apart from graphic designing, I enjoy face modelling in 3d softwares, watching good movies, listening to music and dancing.

Shyama Warrier

I discovered my passion towards art & craft very early on and diverted my full attention towards portraying my keen sense of creativity through Animation & Graphic Designing!

My childhood was spent always drawing & being inspired to make and design anything & everything! Everything around us has an element of design and this has fascinated me to be involved and be a part of this creative world.

Apart from designing, I love photography, dancing, crafts & cooking! I have an eye for detail and that has rewarded me with some of my best work. I believe in creating designs that are always unique and attractive enough to grab attention immediately!!

“Design is everywhere, Imagination runs wild… Being Inspired Always!!”



|Cranberry Design Studio

|Amisha Sheth: +91 98204 34136

|Pune, India



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